Artsy Phone Cases that Stand Out in a Crowd


Phone cases are another great accessory that can really let your personality shine through and you can't beat colorful artwork to do the job!
image of assorted Artsy Phone Cases that Stand Out in a Crowd

All of these cases can be customized with your name or other text and look beautiful just as they are if you would rather not add anything extra to them.  The over 60 designs you see can be transferred to most iPhone models, including the newest releases as well as many Samsung Galaxy models.

product grid images of artsy phone cases from Melrose Originals
There are also many well known case makers to choose from such as Otterbox or Speck as well as Zazzle's Casemate cases (I have a Casemate Tough and it has saved my phone from more than one drop!)
pinnable image of artsy phone cases that stand out in a crowd

Use the handy transfer feature to put any of the designs on any model and any brand case available for a truly customized experience.  If you need assistance transferring any of my designs send me a message on Zazzle and I will get back to you within 24hrs- less in most cases.

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