Cool Artistic Ties to Spice up Your Wardrobe


Traditionally, ties are a common gift for Father's Day, but are you tired of giving the same old kind of tie?
pinnable image of ties from Melrose Originals

  The ties from Melrose Originals are never boring!
product grid of cool artistic ties to spice up your wardrobe
You can choose from a bit more subdued artistic designs to the really bold and different.

Ties can also be great fashion accessories for women as well.  

In the late 90's and early 2000's people were wearing scarves as belts for jeans or to cinch dresses and that style is (already?!) back in. 

They can make cute unique hair wraps, or they can be tied around the neck in a bow or knot like a scarf. 
Check out this Pinterest search for more inspiration on cute and unique ways to wear ties as well as ideas to upcycle those old ties so you can make room to buy some new ones!

image of ties from cool artistic ties to spice up your wardrobe on Melrose Originals

These ties give a pop of color and fun to your wardrobe, and let a little of your personality shine through so go ahead experiment a little or just give Dad a unique tie that no one else at the office will have!

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