Watercolor Accessories for your Active Lifestyle


This is one of my favorite faces that I have painted!  I love her sweet wistful expression and her soft color palette of purples, blues, apricot, and buttery yellow.  

whimsical girl pastel watercolor painting

I  have made this whimsical watercolor available on unique accessories for your active lifestyle like a personalized yoga mat, 

pinnable image of yoga mat from watercolor accessories for your active lifestyle

artsy beach towel, tote bags, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone cases, laptop skins, compact mirrors, and so much more!  I have added the positivity phrase "Be You!", but it can be customized to any text that inspires you in your daily life! 

product grid from watercolor accessories for your active lifestyle

So whether you are headed to the beach, to the yoga studio or gym, or just on your way to run errands, there are lots cute items from Melrose Originals to make your daily tasks a little more fun!
As always, this design can be transferred to almost any item on Zazzle even if you don't see it in my store.  Use the convenient transfer button or message me on Zazzle if you need some help. 

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