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 40% Off Colorful, Eye Catching Compression Leggings

 Tuesday October 13 only!

Choose from lots of colorful designs using my original art on full leggings or capri leggings.  I personally own 2 pair of the capri leggings and I love them.  The print is vibrant and they are printed, cut, and sewn so the print covers seam to

seam.  They have washed well without fading or getting misshapen after several months and have a nice tight fit.  


Let me know if there is a design you would like that you don't see on the leggings you want and I will add them for you.  I'll be watching my messages close all week so I can get back to you right away so you don't miss your daily deal!



 40% Off Golf Balls, Hats, Select T-Shirts, & Water Bottles


Don't forget holiday cards are 60% off with today's daily deal!


Starts: 10/13/2020 12:00 AM - Expires: 10/13/2020 11:59 PM PST


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