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 Unique Gift Idea!

pinnable image of original art customizable yoga mat
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Original art custom yoga mats are a perfect gift for the workout buff in your life or for that person that plans on getting back on track and working out in the new year.  These fun, colorful mats

can be personalized with your name or other text and my whimsical art can be found exclusively on Zazzle's print on demand platform.


pinnable image of 3 original art yoga mats from Melrose Originals



Choose any of the images below to be taken to my store on Zazzle!



100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

 Zazzle provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can always  be confident you are getting top quality and customer service when you make your purchase on their site!  I love Zazzle's easy to use customization tools, but if you need assistance with personalization or transferring any of my works to a yoga mat, just contact me via my contact page here or message me through the message system found on Zazzle.  I am always happy to help and usually respond within 24 hours or sooner!

Design Transfer

See a design you love, but can't find it on a yoga mat?  Most designs can be easily transferred to almost any product (not all) on Zazzle by choosing the "transfer this design" link on the product page.

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