New YouTube Videos and a Life Update!


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 I hope this finds you well and having a great start to the new year!

I can't believe March is half over all ready!


Things Have Been Crazy!

Sometimes I feel like I am running around doing a whole lot of everything, and nothing at all at the same time.  Then you look up and wonder where the days and weeks went!

I have been kind of stuck lately trying to figure out what I want to focus on.  I have 2 roles that I play as far as my art goes, and that is artist and designer.  I know they can be similar, but they are two very different mindsets for me.  As an artist, I create what comes to me and what makes me happy.  As a designer, I try to turn those creations into things that will sell or be desirable or on trend, or clever on products, or create specifically with the mindset of "will this make a good invitation or work for stationery products".  


The artist part of me comes much easier, but the designer part of me is the one that has a chance of making this my full time business.  I have been stuck in limbo in between for the last couple of years in a sort of unproductive paralysis on top of being a little shell shocked over the loss of my Mom a year ago, plus all of the other strangeness of the world around us.  Sometimes it can be a lot.  But... I think I have decided to let the artist part of me reign in the forefront for a while and just satisfy the creative being in me.  I think right now that will make me the most productive and the most happy.  And then I can let the designer out as I feel like it, if I feel like it.  We will see.  I am known for changing my mind- a lot! lol


New YouTube Videos!


screen shot of melrose originals youtube channel
click here to visit my YouTube channel!

I have, however, been busy getting a YouTube channel up and running.  I am very new to the video making/editing thing so I will be working on continuing to get  better at my filming style, but for now a good ol' time lapse process video is a really fun way to watch a piece of art come to life from start to finish! Click on the image above to visit my YouTube channel or on one of the thumbnails below to watch that video.  I have a quick little video short (under a minute) on how to quickly fill an empty page when you are stuck and don't know what to create, and  I have 3 other process videos so far.  My goal is to add videos regularly, but on no particular schedule.


thumbnail image for part 2 of whimsy worm mixed media process timelapse video
click to watch Whimsy Worm part 2!


thumbnail image for part 3 of whimsy worm mixed media process timelapse video
Click to watch the finishing details!


Also, we got a puppy!

He is a Sable German Shepherd named Loki, Dog of Mischief!  (Can you tell we are Marvel fans in this household?!).  He is the goofiest dog we have ever had and he fills our home with so much fun and love!  I just started a journey of serious training with him because he doesn't really like to mind.  He would much rather ignore us and play!  We got him in October when he was only 12 weeks and he is already 8 months old!


His favorite place to sit is on the top of my head for some reason! (excuse the crazy late night picture of me!)

What's in Store!

This year I have lot's of things planned that you will want to stick around for:

  • More getting my hands in paint which means new process painting videos!
  • New designs in my Zazzle shop as well as expanding on current lines.
  • Creating fresh, new freebies for you!

Watch this space and get ready to try new things with me!

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