Colorful Cubism Collection

 The Colorful Cubism Collection features one of my most popular pieces on Zazzle.
(Scroll to the bottom to see a short process video clip!)

 The chalk pastel drawing in vibrant pink, bright yellow, green, blue, and purple makes a bold statement on home decor, stationery, electronic accessories, throw pillows and blankets, phone cases, tote bags, and hundreds of other items waiting for you to customize with your name, monogram,or other text.

 Check out my Whimsical Home Pinterest board to see colorful artsy homes and ways to blend these pieces in with your own eclectic style.

This piece was so much fun to make and so relaxing.  I actually have a short video of the process from back in fall of 2016.
(Excuse the episode of "The Office" playing in the background!)


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