Exploring the Whimsical World of My Art: Colorful Abstract Girl "Love Mime"



A Little Bit About "Love Mime"

I originally created most of my art in art journals that were just for me, but having decided to offer them for sale as prints and on products in my Zazzle shop a few years ago, I think it is past due that I share the story behind some more of the pieces.  Today we are starting with a piece I simply call "Love Mime".


Goth inspired whimsical mime girl mixed media art puzzle
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Abstract Art and Whimsy


Abstract art has the unique ability to transport us to imaginative places, evoking emotions and

stimulating our senses. Today we are diving into the enchanting world of my whimsical art, focusing on an original creation that combines vibrant colors, love, and a touch of mime-like charm. Keep reading to find out the story behind this bold piece, featuring the combination of imagination, abstract concepts, and a colorful girl who embraces the power of love.

Original whimsical clown girl face graphic tshirt pin image plus sized girl
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A Whimsical Girl with Abstract Vibes 


The centerpiece of this artwork is a cute goth-style girl, her face decorated with fun doodles and hearts. She started as a black and white graphite sketch and I brought her features to life with the addition of vibrant, abstract elements while leaving her face in a predominately black and white state. Her hair is a playful riot of purple, green, aqua blue, bright pink, red, and orange, forming a vibrant array of hues that dance across the page. It's as if her hair has a life of its own, expressing an explosion of creativity and imagination.

Original art puzzle featuring whimsical clown mime girl with heart doodle under her eye
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Love as a Guiding Motif


I wanted to make the word "Love" written on her lip subtle, serving as a gentle reminder of the importance of speaking kindness and compassion into ourselves and the world around us. The quirky heart prominently displayed under her eye amidst the whimsical chaos further expresses this theme. Through this art piece, I hope to encourage people to approach life with an open heart and to embrace the power of love in their interactions with others.

Girl holding all over print tote featuring original quirky art mime girl with abstract art hair
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Colorful Expression and Abstract Beauty


I tend to stick to a color palette of vibrant colors throughout all of my artwork and rarely plan the composition instead letting the piece evolve in an organic way that infuses the artwork with energy and joy. The pink, red, yellow, and orange hues symbolize warmth, passion, and vitality. Contrasting with these warm tones, cool shades of blue, green, and purple introduce a sense of calm and mystery. I like to think that this colorful mixed media style creates an interesting piece, engaging the viewer's eye and luring them in to explore the depths of the artwork created through many layers of acrylics, watercolors, pencils, and collage.

pinnable image of a colorful abstract whimsical girl blank notecard by Malissa Melrose
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Abstract Details and Artistic Techniques 


Within the artwork, graphite pencil marks mix with colorful paint splotches that have been added and covered by collage and more paint rolled over with a brayer tool, adding texture and depth to the overall composition. The whimsical doodles and butterflies, evoke a sense of freedom and evolution, emphasizing the power we have within us to change. The combination of these mixed media art techniques blend traditional folk art and modern abstract art elements to create a unique piece that I ultimately hope just makes you smile when you look at it.

Woman holding coffee mug with colorful abstract mime girl that can be personalized with your name
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A Celebration of Fun and Creativity 


I hope the mix of abstract elements and whimsical charm makes you want to create your own world where rules and boundaries are set aside and you can express yourself creatively through art. Let fun abstract art and modern whimsical style spark joy and curiosity, encouraging you to let go of preconceived notions and feel joy in the absurd or unusual. This artwork serves as a reminder that creativity knows no limits and we are free to explore our own artistic expressions for the pleasure of those around us or just for ourselves.

hand holding fun phone case with whimsical clown girl with hearts on her face
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That is the story behind the whimsical mime girl who embraces kindness and wishes to speak love into herself and the world, the colorful and abstract details that breathe life into the piece, and the celebration of fun and creativity. Maybe this artwork serves as a testament to the power of imagination, inviting you to embrace your own unique interpretations and engage with art on a deeper level or maybe it is just a colorful piece to enjoy for what it is on the surface level- a fun piece of art!  I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the thought behind this beautiful whimsical mime girl and the joyful, free world of abstract art and if you wish to purchase this piece as a print or on products be sure to visit my Zazzle shop in my store link or click on any of the pictures or links in this post.


  1. She is so beautiful, I love hearing about the thought behind the art!

  2. Thank you! I think she turned out really fun and different.


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