Hand Painted Rainbow Macaron Stack Art Print


rainbow stack of macarons with inspirational quote by Rumi

In these uncharted times it can be hard to figure out where a balance lies.  Between family (or being alone), working from home, home schooling, isolation from our loved ones and even colleagues, it can be difficult.  Not to mention added pressure online and in social media to make this the most productive time in our lives, it can seem very overwhelming.  Some of us may feel super inspired.  Some of us my feel like burying our heads in books and netflix...or in the sand!  And a lot of us probably fall somewhere in between.  I have had days of productivity and days I have hardly done a thing.

I have not been feeling particularly creative, but I resurrected an older watercolor painting of a teetering stack of macarons in a rainbow of pastel colors.  I thought it was about time to make you guys a little inspirational printable to frame, stick in your journals, or just keep on your phones as a reminder.  I love this quote from Rumi and I hope you enjoy it also! 
pastel rainbow macaroon art print with inspirational quote

I definitely feel like I'm teetering on a wobbly pile of macarons sometimes and trying hard not to topple the whole thing over.  Whatever is going on in your lives right now, remember that whatever road you choose while waiting for life to return to normal, it is perfectly fine.  No need to write the great American novel, but, if you feel so inclined, go for it!

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