Watch the Magic as my Cottagecore Halloween Skull Comes to Life: YouTube Speed Paint Video


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Creating Art Inspired by Opposite Styles

It's time that time again fellow Fall and Halloween lovers! You know, that time of the year when the air gets cooler and more crisp, leaves turn into the warm colors of autumn, and the magic of Halloween begins to stir in the air with the falling of leaves....almost!

  Here in Texas we are still in the full swing of late summer and record breaking stretches of triple digit weather, but it is time to start thinking about it and creating new designs.  I've been brewing up something spooky with touch of sweet in my studio (or rather the coffee table in the living room this time because my art room is like an oven right now!)  that I'm pretty excited to share with you guys. So grab your pumpkin spice latte- on ice if you are in the South with me-  and settle in to read all about my new whimsical Cottagecore Halloween world inspired by the dark academia vibes of the Victorian Gothic era.


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Cottagecore: Where Coziness and Creativity Meet

Cottagecore, for those who have not heard of it (where have you been?!), is a design style that celebrates the beauty of the simple and quaint. It captures the spirit of simple rural life, combining cozy aesthetics with a dash of nostalgia. Think dreamy lush gardens that combine flowers with herbs and veggies, rustic charm, and soft layers of pattern and decorative items collected through the years mixed in with those that serve a practical purpose – a perfect canvas for creating something uniquely enchanting for the Halloween season.

The Seeds of an Idea: My Spooky Cottagecore Creation

I have been really enjoying the Cottagecore vibe in my home over the last year, and I do believe it began last year when I was inspired to decorate for the seasons with a lot more flowers incorporated into my regular fall decor which ended up bleeding into my Halloween decor as well.  And so the seeds of a Cottagecore Halloween art piece were planted in my imagination and I am ready to bring those spooky vibes to those of you who, like me, like their Halloween tempered with sweet touches and whimsy.  The blend the of dark Victorian Gothic aesthetics with the colorful, cozy charm of Cottagecore is such a fun contrast.  The result is my latest creation: a pale pink skull wearing a lavish gold crown and surrounded by fanciful flowers in deep red oranges and golden yellows on a back drop of a tattered spiderweb and spiders, and the unexpected addition of beautiful butterflies in black and white. It's a whimsical twist on the classic, a celebration of the unusual, and a bit of eerie enchantment that perfectly fits the Halloween season.
  Watch as I Bring my Imagination to the Page!

If you are interested in watching this fun artwork come to life from start to finish I have created a short speed painting video that takes you from page to products. Watch as I collage a skull and it evolves into something magical with whimsical flowers and butterflies! I think this design sits right on the border of both dark and light academia decor styles. I've included some fun vintage music with light macabre vibe that goes just right with the feel of the art!



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Bringing the Art to Life on Products

If you're ready to incorporate a bit of cottagecore into your Halloween season with a touch of whimsy and gothic charm, check out my collection on Zazzle. Whether you're hosting a Halloween gathering or simply want to sport a cute tee, there's something for everyone. Customize, explore, and immerse yourself in the world of Victorian Gothic Halloween that's truly one of a kind.


woman wearing a halloween tee with a pink skull wearing a crown and surrounded by flowers, spiders, and butterflies
The artwork looks great on a graphic tee!

Stay Tuned for More!

As the Halloween build up continues, keep an eye out for even more products and new designs that carry the enchanting whimsy of this spooky Cottagecore design. From  more party and home decor to wearables, this collection is all about heading into the magic of the season in style.

As the golden leaves blow in the wind, the air turns cooler, and the days shorter,  let's celebrate the season with enchantment and creativity.  Maybe, even with the addition of a little of the spooky sweetness of my Cottagecore Halloween artwork into your home. Until later, let the magic of art take you anywhere your imagination can go! Happy creating!


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