Exploring Nostalgia: A Vintage 1940's Inspired Mixed Media Girl Speed Painting Video



Hi there, art lovers! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday season!  I sure did, but now back to reality!  I'm so excited to share my latest YouTube speed painting timelapse video with you today. This time, I drew inspiration from the enchanting illustrations found in vintage makeup ads from the 1940s. Picture a beautiful red-headed woman with bold red lips, set against a velvety black background. The color palette is soft and dreamy, with a touch of boho retro vibe.


1940's makeup ad inspired whimsical woman
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When I started this painting, I had originally intended to keep the book page background visible. I thought it would add a touch of nostalgia and whimsy. But sometimes, in the process of experimenting, things don't quite go as planned. And that's okay! Art is all about embracing the unexpected and finding creative solutions.

So, when my initial attempt at adding brighter colors with chalk pastel pencils didn't quite work out I decided to cover up the book page background with layers of paint, creating a velvety black canvas for our stunning redhead to shine on. It was a spontaneous decision, but one that breathed new life into the artwork.


woman holding all over print tote with vintage 1940's inspired whimsical woman art
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As I embraced the process and added layer upon layer of paint, the vibrant red-haired beauty emerged, taking center stage. Her fiery locks and bold red lips are truly mesmerizing. Against the velvety black background, she exudes the same sense of timeless glamour as those vintage ads I love so much.

The timelapse aspect of the video is one of my favorite parts. It condenses hours of work into a few minutes, revealing the transformation from a blank page to a finished piece. It's like watching magic unfold right before your eyes.

The color palette of soft, muted tones and hints of olive green in the woman's shirt are a bit of a departure from my normal color choices, but one that I have used occasionally. It's all about capturing that boho retro vibe, blending the vintage allure with a touch of modern aesthetics.


personalized phone case with vintage 1940's inspired whimsical woman art
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 Experimenting with a piece can be both fun and nerve wracking. It's a reminder that art is a constant learning process, where unexpected turns often lead to incredible discoveries. So, don't be afraid to take risks and embrace the imperfections. Sometimes, the best creations come from those unplanned moments of spontaneity.

If you're curious to witness the entire process and see this vintage-inspired mixed media painting come to life click on the video above, and if you like it and want to see more head over to my YouTube channel now. Don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe, so you never miss out on my future artistic endeavors.  Also, don't forget to leave me a comment here and/or over on my YouTube channel.  It is greatly appreciated and I love talking to you!


boho graphic t-shirt with vintage 1940's inspired whimsical woman art
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Thank you for joining me on this creative journey, where vintage beauty meets modern experimentation. Let's celebrate the magic of art and the joy of embracing the unexpected together!

Until next time, keep creating and exploring the world of beauty and nostalgia through your own artistic adventures.

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