Colorful Mug Planter DIY Gift Idea


This DIY was featured on the Zazzle Ideas Blog and is one of their most popular DIY posts to date.  Who doesn't love a handmade personalized gift that is fun and functional! Plus, there is just something about putting something together yourself that is so satisfying.

pinnable image of Colorful Mug Planter DIY Gift Idea for Valentine's Day

I wanted to showcase how the project looked with my mug designs and give you a quick run down of the project.

Basically you will need:

your favorite succulents,

image of loose potting soil and hand spade
Image Courtesy of Free-Photos on Pixabay

potting soil and pebbles,
product image grid of colorful whimsical art mugs from Melrose Originals
and the hardest part, picking which of my fun mugs you want to use to complete the look!
(These aren't quite your style? Zazzle has thousands of mugs to choose from from thousands of talented designers and one of them is sure to catch your attention!)

Click any of the mugs you see to go to my shop where I have over 50 colorful designs to choose from and they can all be personalized with the recipients name or left as they are!

image of colorful mug planter diy gift idea for valentine's day

 Even if you feel like you have no crafty skills or a brown thumb, you can't mess this project up and your loved one is sure to feel really special knowing you took the time to make something!
No one has to know just how easy it was!
Visit the Zazzle Ideas Blog for the complete tutorial and check out all of the other fun DIYs and informative posts while you are there!

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