8 Ways to Enjoy Art that Isn't a Canvas or Poster


8 ways to enjoy art that is not a canvas or poster
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Enjoying Art in Non-Traditional Ways

Sometimes, someone may love an artist's work, but not necessarily want to put it on their walls.  That is why I love the products on Zazzle so much, they give you the opportunity to own a fun, colorful piece of art on a practical (or not so practical!) product and enjoy art in a non-traditional way!

As an artist with a passion for creating vibrant mixed media art, there's nothing more rewarding than seeing my art come to life on products that brighten someone's day! From practical tote bags to playful pickleball paddles, each product offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the whimsy of my art in unexpected ways or or give the perfect personalized gift to someone special. So settle in as we take a look at 8 of my favorite ways to own a piece of my original art that isn't a canvas or poster- in no particular order.  

cute yellow tote bag with stylized whimsical girl
1. Tote Bags

Carry Art Everywhere with Whimsical and Practical Tote Bags

Take my whimsical art with you wherever you go! My tote bags are not just practical, they're pieces of art that you can take everywhere. Carry your books, groceries, or everyday essentials with a touch of colorful fun. From the bustling city streets for a trip to the market to a sunny beach, let these unique tote bags express your quirky style, spread joy wherever you wander, and fill your daily adventures with artistic flair! 

Cool mixed media art on a phone case
2. Phone Cases

Art Meets Technology with Fun Phone Cases

Take your tech game up a notch with my fun phone cases! These cases showcase cool artistic crops of my mixed media designs while keeping your device safe from everyday wear and tear. Choose from a variety of designs from stylized faces to colorful abstract art that reflect your personality and make a statement wherever you take your phone.  Each design is sure to transform your phone into a vibrant masterpiece. Protect your device in style, and stand out from the crowd with playful designs that reflect your cool, artsy vibe. Surprise your friends and family with personalized phone cases that make perfect gifts for any occasion.


Custom pickleball paddle with quirky original art face
3. Pickleball Paddles

What's the Dill with Pickleball?

My brother and his family are obsessed with the game, and with the continued rising popularity of pickleball, why not have your gear stand out from the rest with my fun and colorful designs decorating your paddle. Be the envy of the court with a one-of-a-kind paddle that celebrates both art and sport. Personalize each paddle with the names of your team, each featuring a different artwork to suit indivividual personalities for a truly unique gift that is sure to please.  They are definitely going on my gift giving list!


Glass trinket tray gift idea with colorful art
4. Glass Trinket Trays

Organize with Style Using Glass Trinket Trays

Add charm and functionality to your space with my whimsical glass trinket trays. These delightful accents are perfect for organizing jewelry, keys, or any trinkets you hold dear. I use mine on my craft desk to hold little random bits that I don't want lost in the shuffle!  Discover the beauty of colorful art while corraling your small stuff safetly and within reach. Personalize my artsy trinket trays with names for a thoughtful and artistic gift for someone special.


Fun mug with colorful art
5. Cool Colorful Mugs

Your Daily Dose of Whimsy with Mugs

Start your day with a dash of whimsy and your favorite beverage in my artful mugs. Each cup is a burst of vibrant coolness, bringing joy to your coffee or tea routine. These mugs not only brighten your mornings but also make wonderful gifts for family and friends. Personalize mugs with names, and let every sip be a moment of colorful delight.


Original art puzzles fun for the whole family
6. Original Art Puzzles

Piece Together Creativity with Original Art Puzzles

Engage your mind. unlock your creativity, and enjoy moments of whimsy with my artful puzzles. Assemble the pieces to reveal the vibrant and fun designs, adding charm to your leisure time. Whether you're assembling it alone or with loved ones, these puzzles inspire moments of joy and playful imagination. Original art puzzles make a great gift for art lovers and puzzle enthusiasts alike and show that you celebrate their unique spirit!


Cute french macaron vinyl decals
7.  Colorful Stickers

Stickers: Whimsical Adornments

Spread the fun with my whimsical art stickers! Personalize your belongings with these playful accents, adding a touch of creativity to laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and more. Sheets of these artsy classic stickers make wonderful party favors and kiss cut vinyl decals make sweet little surprises for friends and family. Experience the magic of colorful stickers that brighten every surface they touch!


goth girl wearing vibrant art on graphic tee
8. Graphic Tees

Graphic Tees: Expressive Art on the Move

Carry the my whimsical art with you everywhere with eye-catching graphic t-shirts.  Each shirt is a wearable canvas, featuring expressive and vibrant designs that showcase your unique style. From quirky characters to colorful abstracts with inspirational quotes, these shirts let you wear your favorite art on the move. Find the joy of self-expression with personalized graphic tees that make a statement wherever you go. Share the magic of wearable art with friends and family since they also make fantastic and artistic gifts.

Enjoy Art Beyond the Canvas!

There you go, my top 8 favorites, but there are so many more to choose from! With a diverse range of products on Zazzle, you can carry art everywhere with colorful tote bags, protect your phone in style with cool phone cases, decorate your home with cute trinket trays, start your day with whimsical mugs, engage your mind with creative puzzles, hit the court with artsy pickleball paddles, let your personality shine with vibrant graphic tees, and personalize belongings with fun, unique stickers. Embrace the joy and creativity of original art as it brightens your life and adds a touch of whimsy to your everyday experiences.

Visit my Zazzle store to shop all the quality items you can find my art on and find that perfect something for everyone!

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