Dopamine Decor and Melrose Originals: A Match Made in Heaven!



What is Dopamine Decor?

We are currently seeing the rise of the Dopamine Decor trend, and this newest home craze is, in my opinion, a spin off of the Danish Pastel decor trend.  Dopamine decor has the addition of a more vibrant color palette and a shift away from the more minimalist Danish Pastel style amped up to a maximalist space full of unique treasures.


throw pillow with coloful beautiful clown girl dopamine decor trend
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I Am in Love!

I've just learned about it, but I am pretty sure I am in love.  It is the latest decor craze on TikTok (I've seen it on Instagram as well) that goes beyond the popular beige and neutral aesthetics of the last few years and features whimsical and colorful decor, cute knick knacks and trinkets, and anything that brings you a sense of joy and happiness when you look at it!  One way to bring this cool, fun new trend into your home is through the vibrant and enchanting world of colorful mixed media art.  I would say dopamine decor and home decor items created from my original artwork featuring vibrant abstracts, whimsical quirky girls, and fun collage art were a match made in heaven!  

bold towels with colorful abstract art for dopamine decor trend
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What Makes Dopamine Decor so Appealing?

Dopamine decor is all about creating an environment that exudes positive emotions and enhances well-being, in other words, surrounding yourself with things that just make you happy when you look at them! It's a celebration of joy, happiness, and the things that bring us genuine delight. By curating our living spaces with art and objects that make us smile, we create a sanctuary in our homes where positivity, inspiration, and joy flourish.

colorful bath mat with cubism style original art for dopamine decor trend
Brighten up your space with colorful bath mats!

Colorful Mixed Media Art on Home Decor

My colorful mixed media art designs are a vibrant and expressive way to add unique home decor pieces with vibrant colors using my original work that blends various acrylic and watercolor paints, colored pencils and chalk pastels, collage materials, and any art media that catches my attention to create visually joful pieces.  My goal is for my art to spark imagination and make you smile. When it comes to dopamine decor, choosing pieces from colorful mixed media decor becomes a natural choice, as it radiates whimsy, positivity, happiness, and a sense of playfulness.

abstract art shower curtain perfect for dopamine decor trend
Turn your bathroom into a colorful oasis!

Vibrant Colorful Abstract Art Decor

My colorful abstracts will add a charm and uniqueness to your home in a way that allows you to change it out as your tastes and whims change. Mix and match using cheerful posters, fleece throw blankets, and an artsy glass trinket tray on the coffee table. Incorporating vibrant abstracts into your dopamine decor style injects a burst of energy and movement into your space. The random patterns of colors, shapes, and textures stimulates the senses and creates a vibrant aesthetic environment that never fails to uplift the spirit!

whimsical face mug perfect for your kitchen dopamine decor
Fill your coffee bar with quirky mugs!

Whimsical Quirky Faces

My whimsical quirky faces are a must have addition to any dopamine decor-inspired space. These art pieces capture just the right combination of a little strange with sweet and innocent. With their vibrant colors, expressive features, and whimsical charm, they bring a sense of playfulness and joy to your surroundings. Each artwork tells a unique story that you can add with a few throw pillows here, a wrapped canvas print there, or a coffee bar full of magical mugs.

quirky queen colorful glass trinket tray for dopamine decor trend
Add unique little touches like this artsy glass trinket tray!


Fun Collage Art in the Home

My collage art is full of layers and textures that bring tons of interest.  I use an assortment of paints and papers to bring things from my imagination to the paper to customizable products for your home like shower curtains, bath towels, and mats.  Incorporating fun collage art into your dopamine decor lifestyle adds layers of visual interest and intrigue to your living spaces. The juxtaposition of images, textures, and colors creates a whimsical and vibrant room where your eye lands on something new every time you see it.  

canvas print featuring original mixed media collage art for dopamine decor
Fill your walls with joyful art!

Decorating Purely for Joy

When you decorate your space with dopamine decor in mind, you're embracing the philosophy of designing purely for joy. It's about surrounding yourself with art and objects that make your heart sing and bring a smile to your face. By choosing original colorful mixed media art featuring vibrant abstracts, whimsical quirky girls, and fun collage art, you infuse your living spaces with a sense of happiness and positive energy. It's an invitation to create an environment that truly reflects your unique personality and fills your days with joy and inspiration.


framed poster with original mixed media art colorful jester girl for dopamine decor
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Dopamine decor is a delightful approach to home decor that prioritizes joy, happiness, and creating spaces that make us smile. By incorporating home decor featuring my original hand painted art into your living spaces, you're embracing the very essence of dopamine decor. Let your home become a sanctuary of positivity and inspiration, filled with art that brings you pure delight. Surround yourself with the colors, textures, and stories that make you happy, and watch as your living spaces transform into a vibrant oasis of joy.  Shop the links and images in this post to purchase home decor items featuring my art to start your journey into dopamine decor!


bright and colorful abstract art fleece throw blanket for dopamine decor
Shop cozy fleece blankets!

This is a design style that I have embraced for years (even though it wasn't called dopamine decor) and now that it is gaining popularity, I hope you dive in and discover the magic of decorating for pure joy with no rules! 

What do you think of Dopamine Decor?  Is it a bit chaotic for you or do you thrive surrounded by saturated colors and whimsical things? Let me know in the comments!

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