Colorful Watercolor Basset Hound Gift Ideas


This watercolor was inspired by my own beloved basset hound, Paisley.  We rescued her just before she ended up in the pound when she was only 6 months old, or I like to say she rescued us!

Colorful Watercolor Basset Hound image

She was my constant companion and my son's best friend since he was just 6,  but we sadly lost her over the summer due to illness just before her 11th birthday.

image of basset hound sitting in grass

We miss her everyday, but she will always hold a special place in our hearts and will live on forever in my artwork of her!
I love the fun color palette of aqua blue and lemony yellow that melt together to make a sea colored green, and her big plum purple nose used instead of the traditional realistic coloring because, as you can see by now, color is my thing!  It has proven to be a favorite of my designs on Zazzle, and makes such a cute, fun design on accessories,  home decor, and gift items.
product image grid from colorful watercolor basset hound gift ideas
I have added it to postcards, blank note cards, puzzles, candy tins, phone cases and grips, glass trinket trays, throw pillows and blankets, tote bags, and more, and it can be added to almost any product available on Zazzle!
You might also be interested in this past post on my whimsical home decor items where I featured a throw pillow with this design and an example of how to put together a colorful, fun room with artistic style and home decor items from my shop to brighten up your space.

colorful watercolor basset hound tote bag product image
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This whimsical, colorful basset hound collection is full of great unique gift ideas for dog lovers or anyone with a fun personality, and the recipients name can be added to any of the items to personalize it.
With thousands of products and the easy to use transfer feature on Zazzle, you are sure to find that perfect gift for your special someone!

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